The Opsmatix AI solution incorporates a number of integrated components, including Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neural Networks. This can in the initial phases include a human in the loop, then transition to a fully automated process.

Support for different business types

Opsmatix can be used for different types of businesses. It will include a set taxonomy (or definition of categories for processing) for each, as required. Opsmatix has developed pre-trained models in the Financial Services arena, which can be fine tuned as needed; and can adopt other freely available NLP models as a starting point for tuning for other business sectors.  

Opsmatix uses the latest approaches


We upload omnichannel unstructured data (freeform text in an e-mail or document, voice, chat, images, fax, MT950,etc.);


Then perform pre-processing with ML to classify it with up to 100% accuracy.


The NLP element uses state-of-the-art transformers with self-attention to keep a memory of what has been fed into it before, and what was the outcome - including e.g. the importance to be placed on specific words in a sentence – in order to produce the classification and sense of the data, and be able to monitor emotion and intent. 

Opsmatix Processes and AI

State-of-the-Art Technology stack for transparency, security, speed of processing, and high volumes