Opsmatix -using AI to deliver operational automation

Opsmatix AI is the future

Using AI to deliver operational automation and transform business processes


The global economic climate has forced all firms, across all industries, to significantly reduce operating costs. This goes hand in hand with the deep desire to leverage the latest technologies and modern working practices to transform customer service capabilities and drive business growth. Managing the rise in unstructured communications volumes is an ongoing challenge; which has created the perfect storm for the Opsmatix AI-powered SaaS platform. 

Debunking the myths around AI adoption


Whilst most professionals have come to the conclusion they need to adopt AI, there is still uncertainty and confusion in the market about this technology, these include.......

  • Firms need armies of experienced industry-specific skills

  • It's too difficult to prioritise the business areas that would benefit from AI

  • Legacy technology stacks are not designed for AI augmentation

  • AI will initiate a major systems upgrade and replacement programme 

  • Once you have implemented AI, it's difficult to maintain.

With the Opsmatix AI-driven platform, none of this is true. It is fast to implement and easy to maintain.   


Forget about the myths. Let's talk AI and business intelligence automation today.

The Opsmatix advantage

Significant cost reduction - Opsmatix | Intelligent Business Automation

Significant cost reduction

Quality, consistency and rapid resolution - Opsmatix | Quality, consistency and rapid resolution

Quality, consistency and rapid resolution

Full audit trail to meet regulatory demands

De-risking by significantly reducing manual error

Improved productivity through hyper-automation

Enhanced customer service

Increased shareholder value

Meet SLAs

Opsmatix is different because...
  • It's proven

  • Built with AI at the core

  • Cloud-native SaaS offering

  • Fast to implement

  • Quick ROI

  • Integrates and augments existing systems 

  • Opsmatix train and maintain the AI

  • Removes the need for AI skills inhouse

  • Constantly evolving solution 

  • All users on the same version - no upgrade fees

  • Subscription-based model

  • Get started for free

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