Opsmatix is an AI-powered SaaS platform that automates and case manages otherwise inefficient and time-consuming human-oriented processes based on omnichannel unstructured communications such as freeform email, documents, voice calls, social media input, chat, images, SWIFT MT500s, fax and telephone.

Opsmatix eliminates up to 100% of human effort in such processes, finding and making sense of data, then using workflow to get cases to the right place - fast, enriched and ready for resolution by staff - or automatically by Opsmatix.

One manifestation of the use of Opsmatix is in CCaaS (Customer Center as a Service), as described in the video below.

The AI Engine

The Opsmatix solution comprises 

  • the Opsmatix AI Engine (incorporating a number of integrated components including ML, NLP and neural networks and) providing a pre-trained AI capability which can be fine tuned as required; 

  • the Opsmatix configurable workflow; and 

  • the Opsmatix User Interface, which allows data to be presented back to you in a structured manner within the Opsmatix user-friendly UI and/or integrated into your chosen systems, e.g. workflow.



Opsmatix Product
Opsmatix Product

Freeing up staff through automation 


Opsmatix processing models have already been trained for a range of subject areas.  


When a new communication type or format is introduced to operational processes, it is highly likely that it will be understandable by the Opsmatix AI Engine, which will have encountered it before.   Omnichannel interaction with multiple datapaths and workflows means messages can be automatically interpreted, classified, enriched with data from existing systems, its intent understood, and routed for processing via internal workflow or Opsmatix workflow then validated and automated responses sent.   The workflow allows the user to confirm/reject or escalate transactions presented or Opsmatix can automate this and perform reconciliation and confirmation.

Serving Financial Services, Government, Business

Users benefit from the system having learnt how the AI model should work from previous implementations in the same business area.   For example - use cases in Financial Services include:

  • Investment Management/Transfer Agency - transfers, distributions, dealing and conversions

  • Corporate Action processing

  • Insurance Claim processing

  • Service Centre automation

  • Document processing with intelligent automation

Time to Market


Our nimble SaaS solution runs in secure, dedicated AWS cloud environment that is quick to adopt, and quick to adapt.   Our interfaces and adaptors connect to your e-mail or other internal systems.   Opsmatix can quickly fix urgent business processing issues.

Opsmatix can be deployed without integration - e.g. reading emails / MT599 messages and presenting back structured data to users.

Lower Costs

Opsmatix reduces effort in operational areas but also saves costs associated with building and maintaining in house AI models.   We manage the AI model.


Our cloud-based solution provides a very robust and scalable service at low cost, with reduced overall costs obtained from the operational economies achieved by  the Opsmatix platform. 


Opsmatix can sit alongside other RPA & AI solutions, preserving the investment in these systems. 


Improved customer satisfaction and service levels


We help you to respond to clients quickly and accurately and in doing so meet pre-agreed KPIs/SLAs whilst reducing operational and reputational risk.

Improved oversight and control


With real time dashboards to monitor service levels and AI processing and success rates.