Opsmatix - Intelligent Email Automation

Intelligent Email Automation

Eliminate email overload and the burden of shared inboxes


Opsmatix delivers intelligent email automation to the global financial services community and beyond. The AI-driven SaaS platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and consigns the management burden of shared inboxes to history. Built with AI at its core, Opsmatix automatically processes huge volumes of inbound unstructured communications, enabling accelerated case escalation and resolution, ensuring SLAs are achieved.

It is proven to deliver enhanced risk and compliance capabilities and radically improves customer service and staff satisfaction rates. AI changes the game. 

Fast-to-value because...

  • Easy integration with existing email systems

  • Retains shared mailbox

  • Implement in days, not weeks or months

  • Augments existing systems 

  • AI filters all inbound communications 

  • Email overload eliminated

  • Streamlines huge volumes of inbound communications

  • Enhanced compliance - meet SLAs in a robust process

  • Creates a positive workplace environment

Supercharging productivity and efficiency 

Opsmatix - Intelligent Email Automation

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