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Intelligent Contact Centre Automation

The Opsmatix AI-driven platform empowering operational excellence across the business

An AI-powered success story in action

For a major financial firm, with a fast-growing global customer base, the Opsmatix AI-powered platform, using sophisticated machine learning techniques, has already transformed its customer service capabilities and delivered enhanced control and operational efficiency across the business. The Opsmatix platform is deployed in the client's customer service centre, providing real-time processing of all inbound unstructured communications. This enabled immediate determination and intent of every message and its attachments, providing a fully automated resolution capability. 


Fully automated operational oversight

The Opsmatix Case Manager provides complete operations oversight and escalation procedures for every communication. It automates the creation of customer tickets in Salesforce, the firm's chosen workflow and ticketing system. The Opsmatix KPI dashboard shows in real-time the status of each communication, including time to resolution for individual customer enquiries and the operations team users.

Intelligent contact centre automation delivered

  • A motivated and productive workforce 

  • Real-time, omnichannel processing of inbound unstructured messages, including email, chat, text, fax, pdf and documents.

  • Faster, highly accurate service, with fully trackable KPIs

  • Liberates operations staff to focus on higher-value tasks

  • Reduces employee churn rate

  • Trained & fully maintained AI by the Opsmatix team

  • Dramatically reduces the need for AI skills in-house

  • 24x 7x 365 operation – Uninterrupted business continuity

  • Radically reduces dependency on offshore contact centres 

  • Opsmatix API enables easy integration with third-party systems

  • Helps meet SLAs

The Opsmatix AI-powered platform explained

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