Opsmatix - The Opsmatix AI Powered Platform

The Opsmatix AI-Powered Platform

Driving intelligent business automation across the enterprise


Opsmatix is the proven, AI-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It applies machine learning to hyper-automate highly inefficient, human-oriented business communications processing. The multi-lingual platform manages all omnichannel unstructured communications, including freeform emails, documents, voice calls, social media input, chat, images, SWIFT MT500s and facsimiles. It is not a 'rip and replace' approach. The Opsmatix AI platform has been specifically developed to integrate and augment existing technology stacks.


The Opsmatix AI-driven solution delivers exceptional operational efficiency through significantly improved business intelligence. It is designed to accommodate fast-changing business requirements seamlessly. AI is the future today.

Opsmatix AI model in action...

Pre-trained AI model as standard

The Opsmatix artificial intelligence (AI) multi-lingual engine incorporates a range of integrated components, including machine learning (ML), natural language programming (NLP) and deep learning. It provides a pre-trained AI capability as standard, tailored to match business-specific requirements which evolve in line with changing needs. 

Actionable management intelligence

Opsmatix's configurable workflow is integrated into all existing business processes very easily. The highly flexible, simple-to-use dashboards transform operational efficiency and control by enabling users to significantly improve workload management and accelerate case escalation and resolution rates. It delivers invaluable business development opportunity insights by providing the executive team with actionable management intelligence.

An AI driven approach to business efficiency and change 
Opsmatix Technology - An AI driven approach to busienss efficiency and change

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