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Our Mission

Our mission is to apply Artificial Intelligence to improve back-office and client facing operations which rely on unstructured data and processes.  Our objective is to seamlessly blend machine and human operations to improve efficiency and automation. Our strategy is to build a number of 'platform as a service ' products which clients can rapidly configure and deploy, eliminating complexity from the management of unstructured data and processes and making AI easier to integrate into client operations. Our business model is to be solely a PAAS provider, working closely with delivery partners to underpin our clients' success.


Our Team


Justin Forest

Director & CEO

30 years in building and managing global FinTech businesses.
Driving growth at tech led start-ups providing trading, risk and collaboration solutions.
Formerly, IBM, NatWest, Algorithmics & IHS Markit. Founder of QuIC Financial Technologies Inc.

Contact Details

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